Barry McKenna


Barry joined the group in September 2013 as a PhD student after completing a Masters degree in Materials for Energy and the Environment (MSc with Distinction) at University College London. He previously attended TCD as a Chemistry undergraduate. Barry is a rugby and cinema fan and an irregular gym goer.

Current Research

Barry’s work focusses on the design and characterisation of light-harvesting materials for spectral conversion. His current work is based on organo-lead halide perovskites as both luminescent species and solar cell materials.

Publications and Awards

Design and Response of High-Efficiency, Planar, Doped Luminescent Solar Concentrators Using Organic–Inorganic Di-Ureasil Waveguides, Adarsh Kaniyoor, Barry McKenna, Steve Comby, Rachel C. Evans*, Adv. Opt. Mater., 2016, 4, 444-456.

Best Demonstrator to Junior Freshman Chemistry Labs 2015/2016

Poster Prize: School of Chemistry Research Day September 2016

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