Barry McKenna


Barry joined the group in September 2013 as a PhD student after completing a Masters degree in Materials for Energy and the Environment (MSc with Distinction) at University College London. He previously attended TCD as a Chemistry undergraduate. Barry is a rugby and cinema fan and an irregular gym goer.

Current Research

Barry’s work focusses on the design and characterisation of light-harvesting materials for spectral conversion. His current work is based on organo-lead halide perovskites as both luminescent species and solar cell materials. Barry submitted his PhD thesis in February 2018 and is awaiting his defence.

Publications and Awards

Enhancing the Stability of Organolead Halide Perovskite Films Through Polymer Encapsulation, B. McKenna, J. R. Troughton, T. M. Watson and R. C. Evans, RSC Advances2017, 7, 32942-32951.

Towards Efficient Spectral Converters through Materials Design for Luminescent Solar Devices, B. McKenna and R. C. Evans, Advanced Materials, 2017,  29, 1606491.

Design and Response of High-Efficiency, Planar, Doped Luminescent Solar Concentrators Using Organic–Inorganic Di-Ureasil Waveguides, Adarsh Kaniyoor, Barry McKenna, Steve Comby, Rachel C. Evans, Adv. Opt. Mater., 2016, 4, 444-456.

Best Demonstrator to Junior Freshman Chemistry Labs 2015/2016

Poster Prize: School of Chemistry Research Day September 2016

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