Article published in Materials Chemistry Frontiers

Congratulations to Tom for his paper “Dual-Template Approach to Hierarchically Porous Polymer Membranes” which has just been published as a Hot Article in Materials Chemistry Frontiers and selected for the Inside Front Cover image. This work investigated the use of two templates as part of the manufacture of poly(ethersulfone) membranes by the non-solvent induced phase … Continue reading Article published in Materials Chemistry Frontiers

New article accepted in Soft Matter

Congratulations to former and current group members Camille, Judith and Elaine for their paper "Light-Responsive Self-Assembly of a Cationic Azobenzene Surfactant at High Concentration" which has just been accepted by Soft Matter. They report the high-concentration and lyotropic liquid crystalline behaviour of trimethylammonium bromide azobenzene photosurfactants for the first time. These surfactants are often used … Continue reading New article accepted in Soft Matter

Congratulations to Kieran!

Congratulations to Kieran Richards, a second year PhD student in the group who won a prize for his talk at the UK Colloids 2020 Online Flash Presentations meeting on 20th July. Kieran presented his brand new work on the use of computer vision to analyse Pickering emulsions that he has developed during lockdown!

Advance Article in Nanoscale

Congratulations to ex-group members Barry McKenna and Abhinav Shivkumar, and current group member Bethan Charles for their new paper, which has just been published in Nanoscale. The stability and reproducibility of perovskite nanocrystals (PNC) produced by ligand-assisted reprecipitation (LARP) is investigated. Significant differences in optical properties and morphology are observed depending on specific synthetic factors. … Continue reading Advance Article in Nanoscale

Paper published in SPIE 2020

Congratulations to Abi Collins, Thomas Southern, Morton Lyu and Mike Bennison whose SPIE Proceedings manuscript entitled Photoactive organic-inorganic hybrid polymer waveguides for optical device technologies from the Photosensitive Materials and their Applications Conference has been published. This work reports on the mechanical and optical properties of low molecular weight ureasils and the relationship between the … Continue reading Paper published in SPIE 2020

New article in Cell Reports Physical Science

Congratulations to Morton Lyu for the co-authorship of a paper published recently in Cell Reports Physical Science. This work is a collaboration with Rute A. S. Ferreira’s group in Portugal. This work reports an advanced visible-light communication (VLC) system integrating an optical amplifier, made of a flexible fibre based on a poly(fluorene)-based lumophore doped within … Continue reading New article in Cell Reports Physical Science

New paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Congratulations to former group members Ilaria Meazzini, Steve Comby and Judith Houston as well as current member Kieran Richards and visiting student François-Xavier Turquet for their work on the paper entitled "Synthesis and characterisation of biocompatible organic-inorganic core-shell nanocomposite particles based on ureasils" which has just been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B. The … Continue reading New paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B