Beatrice Jones

Bea first joined the group in October 2019 for her Part III research project. After graduating with a first class MSci in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, she returned to start her PhD in October 2020. 

In her free time, Bea plays handball and enjoys cooking and listening to music.

Current Research

Bea is undertaking a Bea is undertaking a joint PhD studentship with Beamline B21 at Diamond Light Source, Harwell, Oxfordshire. She is looking at light-responsive lyotropic liquid crystals formed using photoisomerisable surfactants for applications as solar thermal fuel materials, which can trap sunlight and release it as heat. As part of her work at Diamond, she is developing a sample environment to allow simultaneous, insitu LED irradiation with small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) to track the self-assembly changes in her materials on isomerisation. Bea is also continuing her work forming nano-sized droplets of light-responsive lyotropic liquid crystals for applications in controlled release of drugs or catalysts. 


RSC UK Colloids 2021, Flash Presentation Prize, ECRs in colloid & surface science, Light-Responsive lyotropic liquid crystal dispersions for controlled release.