Surfaces and Interfaces Characterisation Suite

Kibron Inc. EZ-PI Plus Surface Tensiometer 

We have recently taken delivery of a Kibron Inc. EZ-PI Plus Surface Tensiometer for automatic measurement of surface and interfacial tension, as well as advancing/receding contact angle measurements for wetting/dewetting characterisation of single fibres and other low mass samples. Ez-Pi Plus offers surface / interfacial tension measurements on very low sample volumes (min. 0.5 ml), ideal for when sample is limited. With an option of connection to a temperature control unit, measurements as a function of temperature can be made, as well as contact angle measurements on solid surfaces such as fibres even down to 1 μm.

Essential to our research needs in a variety of areas, the Ez-PI Plus tensiometer will be used for studying changes in interfacial tension delivered by stimuli-responsive surfactants and ionic liquids, in Pickering and micro emulsions and thin films. The capability to measure advancing/receding contact angles and hysteresis effects provides a further opportunity to assess how our stimuli-responsive surfactants interact/wet surfaces of interest which may be more difficult to assess via other techniques – thin films or tubes / textiles or fibres are particularly easy to measure with the EZ-PI plus.

First Ten Angstroms 1000 Drop Shape Analyser

This instrument is useful for the direct measurement of the contact angle between a liquid and a solid surface, allowing a better understanding of the hydrophobicity. Using multiple contact angle measurements, with different liquids, the surface energy of a material can then be calculated. Characterisation of the surface tension of fluids by can also be conducted by analysing the shape of a suspended droplet. All calculations can be carried using the included FTA 32 software.

The following features are included:

  • Surface tension and contact angle mode
  • Full video drop shape anlaysis
  • 60 fps camera 
  • Drop size 0.5 – 40 µl
  • Manual drop touch off, 50 mm Z precision movement