Morton Lyu


Morton joined the Cambridge group as a PhD student in October 2017. He graduated in 2017 from Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge with a BA degree and a MSc. Degree in Natural Sciences. He is a passionate and hard-working researcher from TsingTao, China

Current Research

Morton focuses on designing and characterising novel luminescent solar concentrators to collect and concentrate solar radiation, based on cutting-edge inorganic-organic hybrid materials and exotic luminophores. The goal of his research is to improve the photophysical properties of luminescent solar concentrators for their implementation in urban building structures.


Luminescent Solar Concentrators Based on Energy Transfer from an Aggregation-Induced Emitter Conjugated Polymer, G. Lyu, J. Kendall, I. Meazzini, E Preis, S. Bayseç, U. Scherf, S. Clement, and R. C. Evans, ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2019, DOI: