Takashi Lawson


Takashi joined the group in September 2021 as a Research Associate. Additionally, he was appointed a Director of Studies in Materials Science at Corpus Christi College. Takashi graduated from the University of Oxford in July 2017 with an MEng in Materials Science, where his final-year project involved the modelling and fabrication of optical memory and solid-state reflective displays based on phase-change materials, under the supervision of Prof Harish Bhaskaran. He then moved to the Cambridge NanoDTC where he studied for an MRes Nanoscience and Nanotechnology followed by a PhD, jointly supervised by Dr Tijmen Euser and Prof Erwin Reisner. His PhD research focussed on in-situ monitoring of photocatalytic reactions in optofluidic microreactors.

Outside the lab, Takashi enjoys rowing, cooking and helping out with university widening participation initiatives.

Current Research

Takashi’s research focuses on the development of luminescent waveguide-encoded lattices (LWELs) for enhancing the efficiency of light harvesting, in collaboration with Prof Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu and researchers at McMaster University. This work is funded by an EPSRC New Horizons grant.

External Links

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/takashilawson/

Google Scholar – https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=eAOPwKEAAAAJ