Materials for Visible Light Communications

Visible-light communication (VLC) based on white light-emitting diodes is of huge interest to provide high-bitrate data communication in indoor environments. VLC uses existing lighting infrastructure for local data transmission, which is of increasing importance for the emerging Internet of Things. Despite offering advantages over conventional Wifi such as increased bandwidth, high data transmission speeds and license free channels, there are still challenges to be overcome, in particular, related to signal attenuation and disruption due to physical barriers in the light transmission path.

Our work is focussed on the development of photoluminescence organic-inorganic materials that optically amplify the spectral contribution of specific frequencies or improve signal coverage in indoor environments.

Recent publications

Flexible Blue-Light Fiber Amplifiers to Improve Signal Coverage in Advanced Lighting Communication Systems, Ana R. Bastos, Guanpeng Lyu, Tiago Silvério, Paulo S. André*, Rachel C. Evans*, and Rute A. S. Ferreira*, Cell Reports Physical Science2020, 1, 100041.

Flexible Optical Amplifier for Visible Light Communications Based on Organic-Inorganic Hybrids, A. Bastos, B. McKenna, M. Lima, P. André, L. D. Carlos, R. C. Evans and R. A. S. Ferreira*, ACS Omega2018, 3, 13772-13781.

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