Optical Characterisation Suite

A significant focus of the group’s research is the characterisation of the photophysical properties of a variety of samples, from solutions, thin films to bulk materials. We have a variety of instruments available to help us achieve this.

Perkin Elmer Lambda 750 UV/Vis/NIR Absorption SpectrometerUV

  • Absorption/transmission and diffuse reflectance measurements from 200-900 nm
  • Equipped with sample holders for solution and solid (films) samples

Horiba Scientific Modular Fluorolog-3 Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Fluorolog-3Two excitation sources (Xenon and Tungsten-Halogen lamps)
  • Excitation iHR320 monochromator
  • Emission double-monochomator with an Hamamatsu R928 PMT UV-VIS detector
  • Emission iHR320 monochromator with a liquid nitrogen-cooled GaAs IR detector and a Hamamatsu R982 PMT UV-VIS detector
  • Integrating Sphere accessory for PLQY measurements on solutions and solids
  • The excitation and emission spectral ranges are 250-1550 nm.

Custom-Built Irradiation stage and SpectrometerUVlightstage

  • UV and Blue LED excitation of solution and solution samples
  • In-situ UV/Vis absorption measurements
  • Temperature-controlled.

Renishaw Ramascope-1000 Raman Spectrometer

We manage the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy’s Raman Spectrometer.

  • Fully automatic Raman microscope with video camera and X-Y-Z stage controller.
  • Two lasers (514.5 nm and 633 nm) and  1200-groove grating.
  • Spectral resolution of 0.1 cm-1 and spatial resolution of 1 μm.
  • Commonly operated with the holographic Notch-filter with cut-off at ~150 cm-1.
  •  WiRE2 software enables curve fitting, map creating, overlaying etc.