Luminescent Solar Devices

Single-junction solar cells exhibit a bottleneck in their efficiency due to incomplete or inefficient harvesting of light in the low(IR)- or high(UV)- energy regions of the solar spectrum. Spectral converters can be used to convert solar photons into energies that are more effectively captured by the solar cell through a photoluminescence process. They are either applied directly to the surface of the solar cell or used in a concentrator architecture, where solar cells are attached to a luminescence waveguide plate.

A large area luminescent solar concentrator coupled to dye-sensitised solar cells under solar simulated light.

Our group is interested in the development of novel multifunctional organic-inorganic hybrid materials for spectral conversion applications that specifically overcome the limitations of the materials traditionally employed. This includes:

  • New coordination and templating approaches to control lumophore placement and orientation within the host material, thereby limiting losses due to reabsorption
  • New polymer host materials for solid-state triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion
  • Novel high refractive index materials to inhibit waveguide losses
  • Materials design through consideration of circular economy principles
  • New barrier/encapsulant materials to extend the device lifetime

Recent papers:

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Large Area Quantum Dot Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Use with Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells, L. J. Brennan, F. Purcell-Milton, B. McKenna, T. M. Watson, Y. K. Gun’ko, and R. C. Evans*, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6, 2671-2680.

Design and Response of High-Efficiency Planar Doped Luminescent Solar Concentrators using Organic-Inorganic Di-Ureasil Waveguides, A. Kaniyoor, B. McKenna, S. Comby, R. C. Evans*, Adv. Opt. Mater., 2016, 4, 444-456.

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