Applied Photochemistry Textbook

Photochemistry has existed as a branch of the chemical sciences for over two hundred years. However, the applications of photochemistry are very much a hot topic in modern day research, engaging scientists across a variety of disciplinesApplied Photochemistry, published by Springer in 2013, is a new textbook aimed at students and researchers in science, engineering and medicine who are interested in applying photochemistry in a broad spectrum of areas. Edited by Dr Rachel C. Evans (Trinity College Dublin), Dr Peter Douglas (Swansea University) and Prof. Hugh D. Burrows (Universidade de Coimbra), Applied Photochemistry brings together contributions from specialists in a variety of fields including solar energy, photomedicine, optical sensing, photochemical synthesis, electronics and imaging.



Editors: Rachel C. Evans, Peter Douglas, Hugh D. Burrows

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