New paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Congratulations to former group members Ilaria Meazzini, Steve Comby and Judith Houston as well as current member Kieran Richards and visiting student François-Xavier Turquet for their work on the paper entitled “Synthesis and characterisation of biocompatible organic-inorganic core-shell nanocomposite particles based on ureasils” which has just been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

The paper reports a one-pot method for the fabrication of core-shell nanocomposite particles (CSNPs) comprising a ureasil core and a silica shell. The synthetic conditions are optimised to reproducibly form particles with a hydrodynamic diameter of ~150nm and a polydispersity of <0.2 which are stable in aqueous media for >50 days. Functionalisation of the particles via entrapment and covalent grafting is investigated using fluorescent dyes, providing insight into the internal environment of the particles.

Preliminary live/dead cell assays were also carried out, which indicate that the CSNPs do not show cytotoxicity. A huge thank you to collaborators Aimee M. Withers and Róisín M. Owens from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge, for their help in obtaining these measurements.

Synthesis and characterisation of biocompatible organic–inorganic core–shell nanocomposite particles based on ureasils, I. Meazzini, S. Comby, K. D. Richards, A. M. Withers, F.-X. Turquet, J. E. Houston, R. M. Owens and R. C. Evans*, J. Mater. Chem. B.,2020, DOI:10.1039/D0TB00100G.

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