Elaine Kelly passes PhD viva

Photograph of Elaine Kelly

Congratulations to Elaine Kelly, who successfully defended her PhD thesis this month. Elaine’s thesis, entitled “Self-Assembly of Azobenzene Photosurfactants and the Relationship with Macroscopic Properties“, covered a variety of topics from the design and characterisation of new azobenzene surfactants and understanding of their lyotropic liquid crystal and rheological properties, through to their application as templates for proposal nanoparticles. We thank Dr Annela Seddon (University of Bristol) and Prof. Alex Routh (University of Cambridge) for examining her thesis.

Elaine has been a long-time member of the group. She understood her final year project under Rachel’s supervision, while they were both still at the Department of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Elaine was then awarded an Irish Research Council scholarship to undertake PhD studies in the group in Dublin. As Rachel had accepted a position at Cambridge, Elaine opted to pursue an MPhil in TCD, before joining Rachel in Cambridge for her PhD studies, for which she was awarded a Winton scholarship. Elaine has co-authored 4 papers to date, with several to follow soon from her PhD thesis. Elaine has now moved to Germany and we wish her the best in the next steps of her career. We will miss you!

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