Group Update

This year has been one of immense change for the Evans Group, which has seen Rachel and the group split between two universities (and two countries!) for much of it.

The 1st of October 2017 marked the formal start of the new research group in Cambridge and we have had an exciting (and busy!) time setting up our new lab and welcoming new  members to the group.

There have been lots of good things happening but very little time to keep this website up to date, but hopefully this is starting to change, so keep coming back to see what we are up to.

In the meantime, a very belated welcome to the new members of the group:

Ilaria Meazzini submitted her PhD thesis in Dublin and moved to Cambridge to help us set up the lab – lifesaver!

Tom Southern and Morton Lyu joined as new PhD students.

Amelia Mitchell, James Kendall and Joanne Pham have joined the group for their MSci (Part III) projects.

Tom Parton has joined the group for his first mini-project as part of the NanoDTC (co-supervised by Prof. Jeremy Baumberg, Physics).

Welcome all!



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